Beauty, goodness and truth are connected.
Arts – literary, visual, audible – extend possibility where before there was none.
To make is what we were made for.

In a visual society like the one we live in today, anyone can make and shape images, and in turn, those images shape and make us. Therefore I value bringing this visual reality into conversation with biblical faith. I believe the Bible is a gift from God, written and shared through the ages to reveal who God is and a holier perspective on life. Its trustworthiness and authority are essential, but its interpretation and use are often limited. The Bible is beautiful, and the arts help me to see it come alive and understand it in new ways.



I am Rebekah Massiah. I have been a Christian all my life, first worshipping in a Pentecostal church in Nottingham where I learned to enjoy Bible stories. My family then moved to the Methodist church in our village when I was 13. There, I developed and grew in the gift of preaching and discovered a passion for the Bible that led me to pursue a Theology degree at the University of Cambridge. While there I began to worship in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, discovering the joy and rhythmic beauty in keeping the weekly Sabbath day of rest. It is here that my family worships today, and where (especially while studying for my Theology Masters at the UK’s Adventist Bible college) so many doors have opened up to me in connecting my love of art with my passion for God.


Rebekah has been painting regularly now for about a year, so her style is still developing. Generally, she takes inspiration from nature and from emotions, using colour and tone to invite wandering eyes into conversation with a piece, or a place, or an idea, perhaps in a new way.

Instagram is Rebekah’s primary platform for displaying and selling her art, and receiving commissions, but the Etsy shop she recently set up with a friend is growing with more and more pieces arriving every month. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Rebekah has been running monthly creative Bible study sessions for just over a year at her church in Cambridge, and is pursuing more creative community arts events. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the calendar section, and if you have a group or are interested in Rebekah leading an event in your church or community group, get in touch, as she’s always looking to further the effects of her outreach and believes that artistic collaborations and connected creative labour are vital for building communities.


Rebekah has written the occasional post for other websites and magazines, as well as more academic writing from her time at university and beyond, and she would love to share them here. Rebekah believes that experiencing God begins with the Bible but continues in the thoughts, stories and lives of those seeking God around the globe today. In the words of a 19th Century prophetess, when we find ‘divine truth’ in everything around us, ‘the thought of God will run like a thread of gold’ through all our cares and occupations – all our words and thoughts and creativity and art.