Using abstract art to think about the nature of life and God.

When you look at this painting, what strikes you? What do you notice first or most?
—for me, it’s the movement and the colour.


Notice the curve blowing over at the top and the peachy-white spaces smudging against each other and floating on the tips of the waves. Working with fluid acrylics creates space for this movement. And movement reminds me that things change. That negative spaces can become positive and good times should be counted as blessings rather than a guarantee.


I love these colours. You might also love them, or you might not, but zoom in (click on the images below) and you can see bright red that becomes deep red as it nears a particular edge; coral overlaid with dark teal lines; teal that runs through green to blue, to purple, to almost black; and flecks of gold that shine. Like, really shine. There are colours and interactions between colours that you only see when you look close, and which I, as the artist, didn’t always plan for. It reminds me of the possibility of more. Points me to a God who “is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or imagine, according to the power at work within us” – if I’m willing to stop, look and notice them. Shows me that sometimes things appear when and where they’re not expected. Even during annoying, anger-provoking or sad times, unexpected good ideas or occurrences can appear! As if from somewhere beyond you – and this, at least for me, is a comfort I need to be able to rely on!

Keep thinking; keep growing; keep faith.


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