You will keep that person in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on you, because they trust in you.
Isaiah 26.3 (translation mine)
I’m going to share a little more about me in today’s post (not that I don’t mostly just end up doing that anyway…) – I keep the Sabbath. Now, it’s not some legalistic thing I do with a million and one rules or lists of ‘I shall not…’, and I absolutely don’t do it because I think it’ll get me into heaven or that people who don’t do it won’t be invited. Not at all! I keep Sabbath because it injects rhythm and purpose into my weekly walk with God.

I try to do things on Sabbath that will direct me towards God – I spend time reading the Bible, worshipping and praying, I sometimes study books about faith and God, I talk with people and make sure I know how they’re really doing, and sometimes I get the chance to make things while doing some of that as well! I love creating as I worship, or pray, and making things that focus me on some aspect of God’s character, either alone or alongside a friend.

Last Sabbath I got to do just that.

For my housemate’s birthday a couple of months ago I’d gotten her a lino-cutting starter pack, and we’d liked it so much that we’d gotten some more pads, and then we hadn’t really done much with them. After we enjoyed a good lunch together (with cheesecake for dessert – my all time favourite!), we decided to do some printing. I had this verse in my head from earlier as it was the one sent to me that day to illustrate for my church’s Look up in Lockdown post, and I just sat there reflecting on this idea of “perfect peace”. And in that day, of not having to worry about productivity or work; and in that meal, of being open and true with my husband and closest friend; and in the discussion we’d had about the intricacy and beauty of the flowers that adorned the table, sent to me from my sister earlier in the week – I felt a sense of that perfect peace. So I made a print of one of the carnations that stood in the little jar of water in front of me. To remind me of that beautiful time when there was no fretfulness, no rush, and no worry, and to remind me that this is what God wants for each of us. Peace. Shalom. Wholeness. Perfect peace

​Stay safe, and take care!