The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous,
and his ears are open unto their cry.
Psalm 35.15 (KJV)
I’ve been struggling with prayer meeting since Lockdown. Like, I used to always go when it was in church, and sometimes I had to cycle in the rain to get there and I’d be cycling just wishing it could’ve been in my house. And now it is, and my church has started doing a prayer meeting every evening now, so I can even pick when I want it to be convenient for me. AND so many more people are going now, because lots of people struggled with the travel before and now don’t have that problem. But as much as it’s become more convenient for me… I’ve become less likely to actually go, and when I do I rarely say anything, and afterwards it doesn’t feel like I even went to anything anyway.

It’s strange.

I don’t like not seeing the people I’m praying with, and I don’t know when to talk or not. It’s just strange!

But it’s also encouraging, to hear the prayers of those who share my faith. To be united with one purpose – to help each other through this time and to bring all our cares, worries, thanks and praises before our God. The one place where something can actually happen about them.

So maybe it’s not about feeling comfortable or having prayer meeting go my way – but about sharing in this fundamental part of Christian faith, together.

Stay safe, and take care!