But Elijah went a day’s journey into the wilderness
and came and sat down under a broom tree.
And he asked that he might die, saying “It is enough;
now, O L
ORD, take away my life, for I am
no better than those who were before me.”
1 Kings 19.4 (ESV)

Where do you go for comfort?

There seem to be days every now and again during this lockdown (and to be honest, probably before, but they were shrouded in the busyness of going to work and needing to do a million more things by the time I got home that they weren’t really as noticeable), when I just don’t really feel like doing much, and I want to just eat the food that I know isn’t that great for me, and sit under my covers in my bed, and do things that don’t take much effort. Today is actually one of those days so far… As I type, I am covered in a duvet and a blanket, with my TV on pause next to me while I write this post. I’ll probably go back to it afterwards while I do menial chores and general admin.

It’s not that there aren’t other things I could do. Even other things I want to do! It’s just every now and again I guess it just seems like there’s not much point. It gets annoying being stuck inside, and my response is to just soak up the indoors, not-doing-anything, attitude.

But that’s ok. Tomorrow will be different – maybe even this afternoon will be different! I’m not going to get mad at myself; just keep reminding myself of the things that are good to do!

But some of that desire also is my body wanting comfort. Wanting to not have to make decisions, just be looked after, and told everything’s going to be alright. The cognitive burden of thinking on the present situation too deeply is too much for me. It is enough. I have had enough. We all feel like this sometimes, I’m sure!

Elijah felt like this too. He’d been doing and doing, and it hadn’t worked, and he just wanted to lay still. To not make decisions. Even to die. Elijah needed comfort. So God comforted him.

God let the emotionally overwhelmed Elijah sleep. God provided him with some food. And then God gave Elijah directions on somewhere to go. Once there, God greeted Elijah with a gentle whisper. There God listened as Elijah spoke. After Elijah had shared every fear and every worry, God’s advice to Elijah was to go back and face the situation that troubles him. And so, Elijah was able to go.

I leave you with my pastor’s words from her ‘LOOK UP IN LOCKDOWN’ post for today:

“Something happens when we choose to meet with God. Especially when we enter into the quietness and peacefulness that surrounds him. God is able to give us, just as he gave Elijah, strength, encouragement and comfort to go back and face those things that trouble us.”

So if today is one of those days for you – where you’ve had enough and you don’t want to do anything – why not take it to God and allow God to comfort you. Let God strengthen you, encourage you and comfort you, to go back and do all that God, in this moment, has given you to do. God can face down all the things that trouble you.

Stay safe, and take care!