A long time ago there was a prophet – and he was called a prophet not because he told people the future, though sometimes he did, but because he spoke a message to make people see things differently. To see things from a higher perspective; from a more God-given point of view. Through that prophet, the people’s God told them, ‘Lift up your eyes and see’ – ‘Look at it this way instead!’

Because sometimes what is true is different to what we can see in front of us.

Both the arts and faith offer us ways to look at things differently. They allow us to ask questions – BIG questions. They push us to reflect in ways we wouldn’t on our own.

That’s why I like to look, look again, rethink and delve deeper, within this intersection of visual arts and a Bible-centred faith.

So with sight routinely dimmed by the so-so of daily life, and overloaded by the constant visual over-stimulation and information saturation of our current society, I lift up my eyes to look again (at paintings, sculpture, film, TV, music videos, craft and creativity) and see, from a higher perspective; from a more God-given point of view, what the Bible and my faith have to say to me today.

Will you lift your eyes? What will you see if you do?


This website houses my own creative contribution to the world: a growing and increasingly distinct style of nature-fuelled and concept-rich abstract paintwork, and a blog filled with reflection, poetry, thought work and grappling. You’ll also find links to things I’ve written elsewhere, for a variety of audiences and purposes, and information and resources for creative Bible studies and workshops that I’m doing! As a follower of a God whose first act was to create content, my ability to create can’t be separated from the God who incarnated Godself into stuff and matter, that we might see something different – something true.